Our unique product has been named Cool Arm.  This product is made of neoprene with hook and loop fastener(s) that will hold the chair arm cover in place on most chair arms.  Its intended use is for any type of chair arm that is exposed to the  home picturesun causing it to heat to excessive temperatures.  In such situations, skin may be exposed to extreme heat resulting in discomfort or burn. Our primary research consisted of several field tests. Cool Arm was tested in different weather conditions and for durability.  In each test, the chair arms exceeded 120 degrees before attaching the Cool Arm.  When the Cool Arm was attached to the chair arm, immediate results were identified.   Arms rested comfortably on the Cool Arm, with no extreme heat emitting through the neoprene to the skin.  The prototypes were left on the chair arms for indefinite periods of time with no ill effects or damage to the Cool Arm.  Neoprene is durable and dries in minutes when rained soaked or immersed in water. Cool Arm will be packaged in sets of 2, and in a variety of colors. Cool Arm can be used on any outdoor chairs whether sitting by the pool, at the beach, outdoor furniture at the lake, tailgating, boating, or just out for a day at the park.  Most outdoor dining sets are on decks and patios in direct sun which would be a great place for the Cool Arm.